About Us

We are the IT Department of Travel Agents 

  • More than 150 travel agents, over 3000 users
  • In Travel industry for 20 years
  • Services more than 3 million tourism to Australian and New Zealand

We have been working in Travel industry for more than 20 years, we fully understand approach and workflow of the industry. We also are the IT experts who specialize in applying IT technologies in Travel Industry. We can help travel agents to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, we also help to reshape travel business by applying the latest IT technology.

Systems mostly welcomed by the Industry:

1.      Toursoft

2.      Toursoft b2b2c

3.      Coachmaster

4.      Local guide.


Toursoft was firstly developed in 1997.   In the last 20 years, Toursoft has constantly evolved updates to incorporate strategies, improvements and developments from over three thousands of users in over hundreds of travel agents. These Agents are from all over the World, including Australia, New Zealand , China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, as well as South Korea.

Today Toursoft is a mature and popular web based ERP system absorbing ideas from thousands of travel experts around the world.

Business Modules in Toursoft are:

  1. Inbound Operation
  2. Tour Operation
  3. Retails

Toursoft b2b2c

Like other industries, Travel Industry encounters constant challenges and competitions. Toursoft b2b2c is a market place. In Toursoft b2b2c, suppliers and travel agents get to market their products, as well as stocks. Both travel agents end-user consumers are able to make online bookings and receive confirmations immediately.

With our IT expertise we are not only providing smooth and effortless online transactions, but also reducing operating costs. And most importantly, Toursoft b2b2c provides a unique distribution channel to our Travel Agents.

The best of best, no charges or fees for selling and buying on Toursoftb2b2c.


Coachmaster is system developed for inbound Coach operators, It helps operators to manage inbound tours, as well as to schedule drivers and driver-guides.

Furthermore, itineraries can be seamlessly imported from Toursoft. And availability of coaches can be easily updated in Toursoft b2b2c for agents and customers to book.

Local Guide

Local Guide is smart phone application that helps tour leaders and tour guides to manage their daily guiding jobs.  With Local Guide App tour leaders/guides manage to make online reservation on Toursoft b2b2c even when they are on jobs.

Toursoft Systems enhance our Agents to take up customers from all over the World.  Toursoft also makes agents staying powerful and competitive.

Let's fly together!